Fall 2024-25

Classes start September 16, 2024

Recreational dance classes for dancers of all ages.

With options for toddlers up to high school, our recreational dance classes in Midlothian range from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the age and ability of the class. This program is held through the school year and helps dancers learn the fundamentals of movement and chosen dance styles.

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For continued and advanced dance training.

For our Intensive program, students must have previous training and an invitation from the staff for placement. Intensive Dancers are placed into classes of age and ability similar dancers within their own classes. Dancers who have trained for a minimum of 5 years will have the opportunity to perform a Senior Solo in our annual recital.

Ballerina at Encore Studio Recreational Dance Class, Midlothian

Pre-Intensive Training Classes (Ages 5-7)

Intensive Training Classes (Ages 8 and up)

Intensive classes will concentrate on the continued development of each dance technique. Dancers in the Intensive Training program become well rounded dancers by studying dance in a minimum of four mandatory art forms: Ballet, Tap, Contemporary and Jazz. These students will have a minimum of 3 hours of training a week, and classes run year-round. Intensive Training students may also take Acro and Hip Hop as additional classes. Advanced level Intensive classes will require year-round training to maintain placement in the program.


  • Intensive dancers will have a minimum of 3 training hours a week
  • Classes run year-round
  • Intensive dancers may also take Acro and Hip Hop as additional classes


  • Must have previous training
  • Must have invitation from staff for placement

For more information please email the Studio Director cheryl@encorestudio.com to discuss potential placement in the Intensive program.

Ballerina Dancers at Encore Studio Recreational Dance Class, Midlothian
The Collaborative, Encore Studio, Midlothian

Role models first, dancers second.

Team members on The Collaborative competition team are dancers here at Encore who are of the highest caliber and character. They serve as role models for all of our studio’s dancers, recognized for their original choreography, dynamic performances, and impeccable sportsmanship. This competition program gives dancers the room to strive for their highest potential and growth. Each dancer is placed in a group where they can showcase their strengths and continue to develop their abilities, technique, and artistry in all dance styles.

Encore Studio Dance Awards, Midlothian


Dancers will train in ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary along with additional technique, flexibility and acro classes. Performance opportunities, include:

  • Regional and national performances.
  • 3 to 4 competitions each season between January and March.
  • Conventions and master classes.
  • Annual Encore Recital.


We require our competitive dancers to train year-round. Every August, dancers attend mandatory choreography camps, where they learn all group competition choreography. These dancers are responsible for all team dues, including summer classes, competition fees, costume fees, and travel expenses.


Dancers will be personally invited by our staff each season based on performance, ability, age, experience, and potential. We also consider each dancer’s overall attitude, behavior in and out of the studio, dedication in class, and interaction with instructors and classmates.

Interested in becoming a Collaborative dancer?

All dancers must be evaluated and invited by Encore staff. To be eligible, dancers must have experience in our Intensive Program.

We hold an Open Call in May for eligible dancers, ages 8 and up. Dancers will work with one or more of our competitive instructors and audition for evaluation and placement on a team or into one of our programs.

See the ins and outs of competitive dance.

Every June, we hold a two-week training camp for our younger dancers. This camp gives dancers a chance to work with our Collaborative instructors and get a feel for the requirements and pace of competitive dance.



For serious dancers looking for a little more practice.

Our private lessons are taught at a pace specific to each dancers’ needs. During this time, individualized attention will give experienced dancers the opportunities to work on specific skills and styles, strengthen their technique and can choose to focus on skills like flexibility, pointe work, acro skills, tap technique, jumps, turns, and more.

One-on-one training is available through the purchase of a Dance Card. Dance cards are a separate expense from regular tuition installments. When purchasing a dance card you will need to confirm the instructor you want to work with, and the skills/style of dance you will be working on. Your instructor will contact you directly to set up your private lesson times. Dance Cards must be brought to each lesson to be signed-off on by your instructor.


  • 5 Lessons for $200.00 (expires 3 months from the first lesson date.)
  • 10 Lessons for $400.00 (expires 6 months from the first lesson date.)
  • Dance cards are sold based on Instructor and studio availability.
  • Dance Cards must be paid in cash to Encore Studio and are non-refundable.

Please email encore@encorestudio.com to get started.

Our Featured Dance Curriculum

Little Dancers


Classical Ballet


Jazzy Hip Hop

We can’t wait for you to join the Encore family.

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The Encore Studio, Midlothian

First Day of Classes: September 16, 2024

Studio Closed: October 31, 2024

Thanksgiving Break: November 24-30, 2024

Winter Break: December 21-January 5, 2025

Spring Break: March 30-April 5, 205

Ticket Sales: April 14, 2025

Dress Rehearsal: May 10, 2025

Recital Performance: May 16-18, 2025

The Encore Studio, Midlothian

Personal checks will be accepted for annual payments only. There will be a $35 fee on all returned check payments.

The Encore Studio, Midlothian

We honor our Military Families with a 10% discount for all active duty military families enrolled in our EnCORE program.

Encore Studio offers free registration to all Legacy families each year. If you previously danced at Encore Studio, please advise at registration and we will extend this discount.

The Encore Studio, Midlothian

Tuition installments are due by the 5th of each month. After the 5th, all accounts with an outstanding balance will be subject to a $30 late fee and charged to the credit card on file.

The Encore Studio, Midlothian

Mastercard and Visa are accepted. A credit card must be on file to complete registration. Credit cards on file will be charged on the first day of each month for tuition installments September through May, no matter the number of lessons per month.

The Encore Studio, Midlothian

Written notice must be given to the office to cancel billing. To make billing changes, notice must be received by October 31st of each season. If notice is not received, payment is expected for the remainder of the season.

  • We do not offer refunds
  • Attendance does not change or alter tuition installments
  • Tuition price does NOT include practice clothes and additional merchandise
The Encore Studio, Midlothian

Tuition for the regular season is divided into 9 tuition installments billed over the season, September through May. All students will be assessed a $50 registration fee.

Your registration fee or full payment will hold your place in class, and must be received upon registration.

The Encore Studio, Midlothian

All performing students will be assessed a Recital Fee of $50, the first week of March in 2025. This will allow us to secure a venue, a crew for security, lighting, sound and video. Each family will receive a copy of the video after the recital.

clothes, recital costumes and optional merchandise
The Encore Studio, Midlothian

Each student is responsible for dress code requirements and practice clothes for their selected class.

Students performing in the 2024 Recital production will be assessed a $125 costume fee in January 2025.  Combination classes that meet for  full hour and do not have acrobatics will be assessed a costume fee of $200.00 for two recital routines.

What should we do before we arrive for class?
The Encore Studio, Midlothian

Make sure you’ve read and follow our safety procedures. Ensure your dancer uses the restroom if needed before class.

What is the check-in process?
The Encore Studio, Midlothian

Please arrive at your class time to keep the lobby free from crowding. Wait outside your designated classroom for the teacher to welcome you into class. Please keep in mind there will be a class exiting the facility. We encourage dancers to only have one chaperone in the facility during drop off and pick up.

Chaperones are welcome to enter the facility this year for drop off and pick up. The lobby will only be used for dancers during class transitions. Since the lobby areas are closed, Dancers must be picked up promptly at the end of their class.

Where dancers of all ages will be inspired, nurtured, and treated with respect.

Empowering Quote, Encore Dance Studio Midlothian, VAEncore Dance Studio Quote, Midlothian, VA

We have seen such incredible growth when it comes to her skill and confidence.

— Jacqueline Goodrich, Lucy's Mom

I can’t imagine her dancing anywhere else! I love that class placement is based on the dancer’s ability and not strictly by age.

— Melissa King, Meriko’s (“Koko”) Mom

These last few years at Encore Studio have truly been a blessing. She is learning so many valuable life lessons — teamwork, discipline, perseverance, and humility.

— Kristen Thomas, Penelope’s Mom

Since that first Little Dancers class, I have watched my tiny, shy, toddler grow into a confident, outgoing young lady.

— Ashley Bennett, Nora’s Mom

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