UPDATE: Our Mask Policy Update

We are so excited to get back into the studio and put the final touches on our recital prep for “Putting in the Work”!  We are in the midst of wrapping up one season while registering for another, which always makes our days a little busier. Spring Break is a nice time to play catch up with a lot of paperwork!

When you return to the studio this week, you will notice a few changes! The biggest being that we will now consider face masks as OPTIONAL. However, if you would like to continue to wear one, we welcome and support your personal choices. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s compliance this season and hope we are entering a period of much less infectious risk.

Another change to note is that parents of recreational students will have a place within the studio to wait on their dancers!  We will be bringing the furniture back into the lobby to help facilitate waiting parents.

It is our intent to bring our dance community back together prior to the recital so parents can get to know each other before we all meet backstage at the recital. Please come in and relax as we transition back to a fully operational dance studio. And, by all means, peep in the other classes and witness our students working on a hobby they all truly love!

Please read all emails and messages we will be sending out over the next few weeks. The recital will take place at a new venue this year, so we will likely have updates and we don’t want you missing any important information!

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We have seen such incredible growth when it comes to her skill and confidence.

— Jacqueline Goodrich, Lucy's Mom

I can’t imagine her dancing anywhere else! I love that class placement is based on the dancer’s ability and not strictly by age.

— Melissa King, Meriko’s (“Koko”) Mom

These last few years at Encore Studio have truly been a blessing. She is learning so many valuable life lessons — teamwork, discipline, perseverance, and humility.

— Kristen Thomas, Penelope’s Mom

Since that first Little Dancers class, I have watched my tiny, shy, toddler grow into a confident, outgoing young lady.

— Ashley Bennett, Nora’s Mom