Recital 2012 "Play Something Country"

We are ready to showcase our Country Pride in Encore Studio's 2012 recital "Play Something Country"!  We are happy to finally announce the official Recital 2012 dates!  We were able to secure  the beautiful facilities of Clover Hill High School for our production this year.  After weeks of negotiating with the school we were granted usage May 20-27, 2012.  Although this is not the weekend we requested, we had to compromise due to their prom obligation for the weekend we requested.  I understand the selected weekend is a holiday weekend.   We will do our best not to intrude into your Holiday festivities and to make the production a fun and entertaining event for everyone involved.  Please advise the office if your family has travel plans that will prevent your dancer from participating.  We may be able to accommodate you provided we are aware of your plans.  We encourage all dancers to continue to work hard in class and finalize choreography so we can start distributing costumes after Spring Break!  We are honored that Encore Studio and the Cavalettes, the dance team at Clover Hill High School, will be able to team up so that we may have usage of the facility.  There are many dance studios in the area who were vying for the available times at Clover Hill High School so we are thrilled that we have been able to secure a better location for all of our students. If we are able to form a rapport with Clover Hill high School and the Cavalettes this year, it will make the rental process for next year much easier.  We appreciate your patience while we worked in moving our production to a new facility.   In the next few weeks we will be posting cast lists, this will give the details of your dancer's specific recital times and dates as well as rehearsal dates.  We will also be sending out pictures of your dancer's recital costumes.  Each costume will show the name of your dancer's recital dance and the color and style of tights she will need to have for the performance.  Recital tickets will go on sale April 21, 2012.  We are setting up an online service for tickets so you can order online or over the phone the day they are released.  There will be no need to come and stand in line or camp our for tickets this year!  And finally, we have started the process of having the recital t-shirt names proofed.  If you received the the email regarding this and your dancer's name was spelled correctly, then you do not need to do anything.  If your dancer's name needs to be changed, please notify the office by email or call us with the correct spelling.  The t-shirts and tights order forms will be available the first of April.  We are so excited to finally get all the information regarding the recital out to our families.  So watch your email for important recital updates and information.