Opening and Finale Rehearsals

Due to the conflict of Solo Duet and Trio rehearsal on Sunday we will need to adjust the rehearsal schedule as follows. We only have one more Sunday that we can possible rehearse these numbers prior to Mothers Day.

Sunday April 21
Chesterfield Studio
10:00-11:00 Restage Get It
11:00-12:30 Solo Duet and Trio
3:00-4:00 Opening and Finale
4:00-5:00 Senior Solos

Sunday April 28
No Rehearsal FINAL Competition

Sunday May 5
Chesterfield Studio
12:30-2:30 Opening/ Finale/ Gala
2:30-4:00 Senior Solos

Saturday May 11
Chesterfield Studio
3:00-5:30 Opening/ Finale/ Gala/ Costumes
May Run late…. But to avoid Mother’s Day rehearsal, we need to utilize this rehearsal time!
5:30-6:30 Senior Solos

Thank you for your time and patience during this crazy time of year!