Learn to Dance Costume Distribution

Costume distribution for our Learn to Dance Classes will take place the week of July 14-18th!

Please join us the last 10-15 minutes of class to try on your costume with your dancer.

  • It is imperative that each dancer has an adult present for the last 15 minutes of class to have assistance with getting into costume.  Dancers must have on tights and leotards so the costume can easily be tried on over practice wear.  Once costumes are distributed, the instructor will explain any additional parts or headpieces, give instructions on care, and answer any questions.
  • Please remember that dancers are not allowed to play in costumes before the Showcase; to ensure there are no costume problems, students should not wear their costumes, accessories, etc. prior to the Showcase.  Another helpful hint is to label your costume, shoes, etc. for ease while changing shoes during the Showcase.  
  • Monday July 14th, we will also send out additional information concerning the "I Love Summer" Summer Showcase 2014.  Check your e-mails for all the details! 

We are excited to share August 2nd with our dancers and celebrate a wonderful Summer of Dance with you and your families!  Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.