Intensive Training Classes (Ages 8 and up)

Pre-Intensive Training Classes (Ages 5-7)

We offer classes to concentrate on continuing development of dance technique and training through our Intensive Training Classes. Dancers in the Intensive Training programs work to become well rounded dancers by studying dance in a minimum of four mandatory art forms: Ballet, Tap, Contemporary and Jazz. These students will have a minimum of three hours of training a week, and classes run year-round. Intensive Training students may also take Acro and Hip Hop as additional classes.  

Intensive students must have previous training and invitation from the staff for class placement, and they will be placed into one of our three groups with dancers of the same age and ability. Students in the Intensive Training Classes may be selected to participate on the Encore Competition dance team. Dancers participating in Intensive Training classes of Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Contemporary for a minimum of 5 years will have the opportunity to perform a Senior Solo in our annual recital performance. Senior Students who have met the Intensive Dancer requirements to perform a solo in the Annual recital will be invited to participate in a Senior Collective which will meet regularly to start the choreographic experience to build their final piece.  Advanced level Intensive classes will require year-round training to maintain placement in the program.