Important E-Mails

Please check your emails.  Read them thoroughly and follow all instructions.  Yesterday we sent you the back of the T-Shirt for you to proof the spelling of the names on the back.  Today we will begin sending out the pictures of each classes' recital costumes.  This picture will list you song title, costume selection and tight requirements. The second attachment will be your class names for the recital program.  This will also need to be proofed!

Tomorrow will will send a large file that will include your RECITAL HANDBOOK.  This is all the information and details you will need for the next two months of classes.  Please print, read and keep handy for reference!  Please call the office is you have questions after receiving any of the emails.

The studio will be closed Saturday April 7-Friday April 13 for Spring Break!   We will send order forms for T- shirts, tights and DVDs this week!  We apologize for flooding your email boxes this week, but this is the best method of distribution to all families.