Final Opening and Finale & Gala Rehearsal!


2:45-3:15 Senior dancers only recording Real World

3:00-5:30 We will run the opening for the Gala first so those not in the Finale will be able to leave.  We need to fix one transititon part and that will not take long but we need to rehearse the introductions and the opening again.  

Opening and Finale dancers bring your costumes and white sneakers and bobby socks.  We discussed some dancers needing a "clear plastic bin" to keep there things in for the finale.  This only applies to the "Get Happy", and the Senior dancers at this point.  We will work through it on Saturday.  Dince this is a large group of costumes, I will start handing them out during the week.  Watch you email for details, if you receive your costume prior to Saturday you will need to bring it to the studio on Saturday for rehearsal.

I would love to spend the afternoon running these two pieces and watching the SENIOR SOLOISTS so be prepared to run this for an audience!

The production looks FANTASTIC and I am so excited to take it to the school next week!  These dancers have worked so hard and they look great!

Pink Lady Gala Soloists will also have the opportunity to rehearse their numbers after group rehearsal!  The studio will be open for as long as needed to run these pieces.  Bring your music.