Costume Distribution Monday April 28th

The following costumes will go out in class today Monday April 28th:

Parents, please check the dry erase board outside of your dancers classroom to see exact times your instructor would like you to return to try on costumes.

Westchester Commons:

Miss Cheryl 1:30 "Yellow Polka Dot Bikini"

Miss Cheryl 4:30 "I'm On Vacation"

Miss Marcia 4:45" Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride"

Miss Cheryl 5:15 " Kokomo"

Miss Cheryl 6:15 " One Night In Bangkok"

Chesterfield Meadows:

Miss Dana 4:15 " Down In New Orleans"

Miss Angel 4:15 " Surfin' Safari"

Miss Dana 5:15 " Canada"

Miss Dana 6:00 " Jungle Party Time/ Memphis Train"

Rivers Bend:

Miss Bridget 5:00 "Choo Choo Train"

Miss Bridget 7:00 "Deserts of Samarkand"