Commitment is key for success in every field, and dance is no exception. The Collaborative, the competition program at Encore Studio, allows our dancers to strive for their maximum potential and growth.

The Collaborative team members serve as role models for all of our dancers, and they are constantly recognized for their original choreography, dynamic performances, and great sportsmanship.

Each dancer is placed in a group where they will be able to showcase their strengths while continuing to develop their individual ability. Each group is carefully placed and modified each year to ensure dancers reach their maximum potential in all dance styles.

Performance Opportunities

The Collaborative dancers train in ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary along with additional technique, flexibility and acro classes. Dancers have a variety of performance opportunities, including:

  • Original choreography is set for each team to compete in venues regionally and nationally.
  • All team members participate in 3-4 competitions each season between January and March.
  • They also participate in conventions and master classes throughout the year.
  • Finally, competitive dancers provide entertainment and great routines in the annual Encore Recital.


Because Encore is a technique-based studio, we require our competitive dancers to train year-round. Every August, dancers attend mandatory choreography camps, where they learn all group competition choreography.

Please note: The Collaborative dancers are responsible for all team dues, including summer classes, competition fees and costume fees. Each dancer is responsible for her own travel expenses.


Eligible dancers are selected and invited by staff each season based on their performance in class during the season. We choose our dancers based on their ability, age, performance, experience and potential for success. We also take into consideration each dancer’s overall attitude, behavior in and out of the studio, dedication in class, and interaction with instructors and classmates.

Interested in becoming a Collaborative dancer?

All dancers must be evaluated and invited by Encore staff to be a part of our competition program. To be eligible, dancers must have experience in our Intensive Program.

We hold an Open Call in May for eligible dancers, ages 12 and up, who are interested in becoming a Collaborative dancer. Dancers will work with one or more of our competitive instructors and audition for evaluation and placement on a team or into one of our programs.  Dancers participating in our Open Call are not making any commitment beyond the Open Call class.  

Every June, we hold a two week training camp for our younger dancers, which offers the opportunity to work with our competitive instructors and further explore the requirements of competitive dance.

For more information about the program, please contact our Competition Director, Angelina Gallo, at