Busy Weekend!

It's going to be a busy weekend here at Encore Studio...
Not only are we back up and running fully after Snowstorm Jonas, but we also have several fun and exciting events coming up.  Our competition team, the Pink Ladies, and staff are gearing up for our first competition in a few weeks!  We head out of town for the first time this season and couldn't be more excited; the Pink Ladies work with their choreographers and teammates year-round to learn and perfect their routines.  Mark your calendar to attend their Gala performance on April 23rd and you'll see why these Ladies are so dedicated to their art!  

We also have Production Rehearsals for our 25th Anniversary Recital commencing- we are so excited to see the energy and entertainment of 1991 and 1992 come to fruition so soon.  May is just around the corner and we have more information coming your way soon!  

On top of all that, our Casting Call for our Spring campaign is also taking place!  We have the most beautiful dancers in the area and want you to model for us!  Dancers between the ages of 6-13 years of age can submit a head shot and full body shot to [email protected] to apply.  The deadline for submission is Thursday Feb 4th by 5:00pm!  Even if you are not contacted for the Spring campaign, by submitting your photo we will keep it in our advertising file for this season’s campaigns!