2013 Student Referral Program

Leaping, Laughing, Dancing… friends seem to make everything better. At Encore Studio we understand the value of a great friend and what friendships can do for a performer's confidence level. That’s why we are excited about our new student referral program – Better with Friends.

If your child has a friend that wants to join Encore, have that student's parent include your name during registration. You will receive a $25 discount on your child’s monthly tuition for the next 3 months of the 2013 dance season. For each additional student referred, you will receive another $5 off per month for up to 3 more student referrals. PLUS – every time you refer a new student your name is entered for a chance to win an iPad mini®. And, there is no limit to how many times your name can be entered into the drawing.

The Details:

• The “Better With Friends” program is open to ALL Encore Studio Inc. families

• The program awards a referring Encore Studio Inc. family with a $75 tuition credit ($25.00 per month November, December and January) for each new student that is referred to,  enrolls in and attends an eligible class at Encore Studio Inc.  Refer more than one student and receive $5.00 off per month (November-January) for each additional student who successfully enrolls in a class at Encore Studio Inc. 

• Referring families will be entered to win a FREE iPad mini® for every referred student during the “Better with Friends” program  

• It is the REFERRING Family’s responsibility to be sure that the PROSPECTIVE Family gives proper notice during the registration process

• This offer only applies to new students not students who have previously been enrolled in a class at Encore Studio Inc. 

• The "Better With Friends" program begins on October 7 and will continue through November 4, 2013

• The  iPad mini® giveaway drawing will be November 5, 2013