class curriculum

Little Dancers (3-4 year olds)
This beginner dance program introduces dancers to fundamental positions and movements while focusing on coordination, motor skills and rhythm through song and dance activities. (Pink tights, black leotard and pink ballet shoes.)

Tiny Tumbling (3-4 year olds)
Tiny Tumbling covers basic acrobatic and dance moves for young dancers including work on flexibility, balance, muscle strength, and overall fitness.  This class is easily paired with Little Dancers and is a great addition for beginner performers.  (black leotard required)

Combination Classes:
Combination classes are designed to introduce the developing dancer with their choice of art forms. Combination classes are divided into levels according to age. (Pink tights, black leotard, pink ballet shoes. and black tap, or tan jazz shoes; for lyrical we will be using Bloch Eclipse SO619.)

  • Ballet and Tap Combination (4-8 year olds)
  • Ballet and Jazz Combination (6-8 year olds)
  • Jazz and Tap Combination (6-8 year olds)
  • Jazz and Acro Combination (6-8 year olds)
  • Ballet and Lyrical Combination (7-9 year olds)*
  • Ballet, Tap and Jazz Trio Combination (7-9 year olds)*

*Must have 2 years of previous experience to enroll.

Classical Ballet (7 years old and up)
The Ballet program at ENCORE is designed for students who have completed fundamental study in dance techniques and strive to improve their ability. The focus of the program is on extension, flexibility endurance and technique. As students develop strength, they advance through all levels of Ballet prior to the Pointe Program. (Pink tights, black leotard and pink ballet shoes. Absolutely no colored sports bras or leotards. Shorts and skirts may be worn if instructor allows.)

Contemporary (7 years old and up)
Enjoy the freedom of movement through music and physical interpretation of feelings. This art form allows you to experience your creativity on an advanced level by using your body and mind to think out of the box. Contemporary dancers must also be enrolled in a ballet class. (Black leotard and tights with Bloch Eclipse SO619. Intensive Dancers may wear black shorts and black sports bras. T-Shirts may be worn at the instructors approval.)

Jazz (6 years old and up)
Jazz instruction is offered for students who have completed at least one level of fundamental dance training. Jazz training emphasizes flexibility and rhythmic movement as a group activity. (Black leotard, or black camisole top with black spandex shorts with tights. Dancers must have tan slip on jazz shoes. TIGHTS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. Intensive Dancers may wear black shorts and black sports bras. T-Shirts may be worn at the instructors approval. No Dance Sneakers or street clothes.)

Jazzy Hip Hop ( 7-8 year olds)
Jazzy Hip Hop is a technically based Jazz class with a fusion of Hip Hop movement.  Dancers will increase flexibility and develop their personal style through the structure of this class.  All dance moves are age appropriate and this high energy class is offered in forty five minute increments.   (black leotard, and tan slip on jazz shoes required)

Tap (6 years old and up)
Tap instruction is available for students who have mastered the fundamental skills of dance. Tap instruction focuses on rhythm, coordination and specific tap techniques. (Leotard and tights. Dance pants or shorts may be worn over leotard and tights. TIGHTS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. Intensive Dancers may wear black shorts and black sports bras. T-Shirts may be worn at the instructor’s approval. No street clothes. Black tap shoes. Please try Capezio CG55, CG55C or 3800.  Intensive or Competitive dancers may purchase the Jason Samuel Smith tap shoe.  Do not buy Capezio Tapster or Fluid, or any style tap shoes.)

Lyrical (6 years old and up)
Lyrical dancing combines the movements of Ballet, Jazz and Modern to project emotion and expression. Improvisational techniques are also used for the dancer to develop deeper expression. Lyrical dancers must also be enrolled in a ballet class. (Leotard, convertible tights and Bloch Eclipse SO619 shoes. TIGHTS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. Intensive Dancers may wear black shorts and black sports bras. T-Shirts may be worn at the instructor’s approval.)

Hip Hop (6 and up)
Hip Hop dancing integrates breaking, locking, and popping for a truly stylized form of movement.  Dancers will be instructed in the fast-paced high-energy style, and also encouraged in class to freestyle and utilize their skills in "dance showdowns." (Comfortable athletic attire.  Clean and supportive, black tennis shoes.  Intensive Dancers may wear black shorts and black sports bras.)

Musical Theater (9 years old and up)
Musical Theater combines acting, singing and dancing skills to create a true triple threat performer. Classes are offered for different age groups based on demand and cover similar curriculum based on learning speed and class size.  Performers are instructed in basic music theory, perform essential dance technique and hone their acting ability which several acting techniques.  All Musical Theater students are required to have jazz shoes. 

Acro (Ages 6 and up)
We will be offering basic acrobatic classes for dancers who are interested in adding the element of flexibility to their dance training.  Acro classes will focus on progressional skills across the mat and stationary skills to focus on back flexibility in addition to arm and shoulder strength.  The acro program will build skills that are beneficial to a dancer and choreographer.

Intensive Training Classes (Ages 8 and up)
Pre-Intensive Training Classes (Ages 5-7)
We offer classes to concentrate on continuing development of dance technique and training through our Intensive Training Classes. Dancers in the Intensive Training programs work to become well rounded dancers by studying dance in a minimum of four mandatory art forms: Ballet, Tap, Contemporary and Jazz. These students will have a minimum of three hours of training a week, and classes run year-round. Intensive Training students may also take Acro and Hip Hop as additional classes.  

Intensive students must have previous training and invitation from the staff for class placement, and they will be placed into one of our three groups with dancers of the same age and ability. Students in the Intensive Training Classes may be selected to participate on the Encore Competition dance team. Dancers participating in Intensive Training classes of Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Contemporary for a minimum of 5 years will have the opportunity to perform a Senior Solo in our annual recital performance. Senior Students who have met the Intensive Dancer requirements to perform a solo in the Annual recital will be invited to participate in a Senior Collective which will meet regularly to start the choreographic experience to build their final piece.  Advanced level Intensive classes will require year-round training to maintain placement in the program.


For available classes, call 804-794-2646 or email us at Or register online here.

  Encore is a class act, and we are proud to be associated with this studio. The owner genuinely cares about each and every dancer, and it shows.